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The following are reprenstative samples of work we've done in the greater Boulder area. Please also visit our Photo Gallery page for pictures of some of our projects.
Location Project
1502 Cascade Ave., Boulder Remodel - plantings, paths, lawns
630 Emporia Rd., Boulder New design - planting beds, drip lines, new lawns, courtyard and sprinkler system
305 Hawthorn Dr., Boulder (Parade of Homes 2005) New design - stone work, planting beds, trees, ground covers, sprinkler system
2448 Briarwood Drive, Boulder New design, plantings, groundcover beds, Fesque sod, sprinkler system, rockwork
497 Kalmia, Boulder New install-patio, sod, irrigation, plantings
2819 4th Street, Boulder New install-flagstone work, trees, sod, rockwork, irrigation
1811 Pearl St., Boulder Remodel - walls, plantings, brick walkway, lawn
2845 Iliff St., Boulder New install - hardscape, xeriscape, plantings
2713 Falcon Drive, Longmont New install-design, install-lawn, irrigation, trees, plants
9775 Ute Road, Longmont Lutheran Church-trees, sod, irrigation, pathways, rockwall
4647 S. Hampton Circle New install-design, patio, fence, irrigation, trees, sod, maintenance
2737 4th Street, Boulder Moss rock retaining walls, flagstone work, patio, walkways
3181 9th St., Boulder New install - lawns, plantings, sprinkler system
2760 29th Street, Boulder Commercial install-design, trees, plants, groundcovers, irrigation system
2325 19th St., Boulder New install - plantings, patios and walkways
4655 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Boulder New install - large evergreens, Fesque sod, stone work, irrigation (supp. Ditch watering sys.), patio, and steps
955 White Hawk Ranch, Lafayette Large residential job - trees, plants, lawns, and Irrigation
870 Waite Dr., Boulder Xeriscape beds, red flagstone steps/walkway, and drip lines
Holiday subdivision North Boulder Co-housing neighborhood and common areas Ribbon garden, Wild Sage block, pathways, community garden
1555 Rockmont Cir. Boulder Plantings, rock walls, lawn, and sprinkler system
1890 Norwood Ave., Boulder New lawn, plantings, design, and sprinkler system
28th St. Medians, City of Boulder Trees, plants, netafim drip lines
1170 Judson Dr., Boulder New design - plantings, lawns, sprinkler system
4745 Tanglewood Trail Gunbarrel Subdivision-remodel-new plantings, sod, irrigation, hardscape
2090 Stony Hill Rd., Boulder Retaining walls, diamond block retaining walls, perennial beds, lawns, rock work, sprinkler system
1609 4th St., Boulder Perennial beds, rock walls, drip lines
2562 Briarwood Dr., Boulder New install - irrigation, patio, plantings, ground covers, retaining walls, and boulders
1815 Viewpoint Rd., Boulder New install - plantings, Fescue sod, patio, retaining walls and irrigation
888 7th Ave., Boulder New install - hardscape, plantings, sprinkler system
425 Hawthorn Ave., Boulder New design - lawns, planting beds, red flagstone walkways, pathways & retaining walls, sprinkler system
1860 Redwood Ave., Boulder Planting beds, drip lines, new lawns, patio, water feature
Professional References
Mark Pepin (Home Inspector) 303-881-1241
Phil Larson (Larson Construction) 303-819-1453
Dave Dougherty, City of Boulder-Transportation Dept. 303-489-3794
Rod Rindal, City of Boulder-Transportation Dept. 303-441-3265
Joanne Petersen, Property Staging 303-588-9569
Kevin Morningstar (Construction Contractor) 303-886-4683
Jason Fell, City of Boulder-Transportation Dept. 303-441-3266
Lynn Ryan (Real Estate Broker) 303-489-0309
Peter Howser (Real Estate Broker) 303-748-9428
Rev. Dan Hansen 303-819-2004
James Lovett (Lovett Tree Service) 303-500-2601
Sandy Gibson (Landscape designing) 970-871-9629
Peter Rosato, City of Boulder-Bike paths & Medians 303-413-7116
Matt Brandt (Brandt Concrete Works) 303-817-3983
Tom Mathieson (Mathieson Construction) 720-435-9295
Tim Goodacre (Real Estate Broker) 303-817-9300
Alex May, City of Boulder - Transporation Dept 303-579-9317
Carol Adams, Studio Terra (Landscape design) 303-494-9138
Ed Goodman (Builder) 303-882-9131
Tim Ryan (Ault Park Development) 303-489-3862
Current Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance certificates available upon request (Allied Insurance and Pinnacol Assurance companies).
We provide One Year Warranty service on all workmanship, plantings and sprinkler systems and offer complete Landscape maintenance programs. Please visit us at for photos and more